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YLP's women of watercolor

Sierra Art Trails, the mountain area's premier display of works by local artists and artisans, is under way. This year, three watercolor artists who live in YLP will, as part of its Open Studio Tour, show and offer for sale their paintings at the YLOA Clubhouse. They will be showing 10 a.m.-6 p.m. each day Friday, Sept. 30, Saturday, Oct. 1, and Sunday, Oct. 2. Find out what inspires them and see some of their work in our YLP Spotlight.


****** Community Notification *****

Work is set to begin on Monday September 26,2016

MAINLINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT 2016/2017-02-15 – approx. 1800 L.F. of Main Line Replacement along Titan Drive and Titan Court. And, approx. 1200 L.F. of Main Line along Holiday Drive and Holiday Way

To The Residents of Titan Dr, Titan Ct, Holiday Dr and Holiday Way:

The Yosemite Lakes Owner’s Association (YLOA) and the Yosemite Spring Park Utility Company (YSPUC) will soon begin a mainline replacement on your street.

As you have seen for the past few weeks, construction stakes have been placed along Titan Dr from Corral Dr to a point shortly past Holiday Dr and on Holiday Dr from Titan Dr to and including Holiday Way. Likewise, buried telephone and electric lines have been marked. We have already begun moving material and equipment into the area. Shortly, we will begin grinding asphalt along the new pipe trench line and we are already working on potholing for buried utilities. As soon as this work is complete we will begin trenching.

Construction of this project may cause inconveniences for our residents and travelers in the project area. Please understand that while we are working, traffic will be limited to sharing one lane in the immediate construction zone. This lane may be blocked at times with dirt while trenching or machinery performing other tasks. We will endeavor to clear the lane and provide for your passage as quickly as possible but understand that the lane may be blocked for up to 15 minutes.

Each time we have to pass a vehicle through the immediate construction area it stops construction progress on the project for 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, we request and appreciate that whenever possible during this construction you limit the number of daily trips in and out of Titan Dr and Holiday Dr. By reducing the amount of through-traffic and related work stoppages, we will expedite and complete the project with the least amount of inconvenience for our residents and guests.

While this project will produce inconveniences and possible frustration for our some members of our community, we believe that our community appreciates the benefits these line replacements provide. This section of pipeline has failed many times in the past several years. With each line failure in this area a large portion of YLP is affected. Once we complete installation of this new pipeline we will be able provide more assurance that the pipeline on the above noted streets will no longer fail, thus reducing the number of frustrating disruptions, loss of water and costly roadway and property repairs.

Please note that our plan includes the asphaltic repaving of the project trench line in short order upon the conclusion of the pipeline installation and inspection efforts.

Should you have any concerns during this project please feel free to contact our office. We will do our best to minimize your concerns. We thank you in advance for your patience during this construction project and ask that you remain alert while driving and reduce your speed when traveling through this, or any other construction zone.

Layton Gillette,
YLOA General Manager

Kenneth Harrington,
YSPUC Manager & Operator of Record