YLOA-YSPUC board highlights

Highlights of the April 17 YLOA & YSPUC board meetings

  • The YSPUC Board of Directors voted 4-0 to approve drilling a new well to replace existing well 49A located at the Fairway Café-YLOA Golf Course parking lot. YSPUC Manager Ken Harrington said that months-long efforts to rebuild the failing existing well had not succeeded, and it would be more economical and better for the water company customers in the long run to drill a new well nearby, complete with new pump and motor. The well helps to supply water not only for the overall YSPUC water system, but also supplies water to the golf course lake for irrigation when the lake level drops in late summer. The estimated cost of the new well is about $150,000, which will be covered out of the existing water company reserves.
  • The YLOA Board of Directors voted to place these proposed bylaws amendments on the July annual election ballot:
  • 1. To change the quorum for annual elections from 40 percent of members in good standing to 25 percent. If quorum is not met at the annual meeting, at a continuation meeting two days later quorum would be lowered from 25 percent to 10 percent.

    2. New bylaws may be adopted, amended or repealed only if voted on by at least 25 percent of members in good standing.

    3. Any Declaration of Restrictions changes must be approved by a majority of members in good standing only if at least 25 percent participate.

    From the General Manager’s report:

  • “The OSS project on Tioga is nearing completion. We are now doing the necessary water testing and pressure tests to transfer the new pipelines and service lines into the system and begin operations. We feel that a good compaction test is just around the corner and we will pave the trenches very soon. I know this will make the residents of Tioga Drive happy. We will start trenching from the end of North Dome past Tioga Drive and further down the line. Steve Brannon will continue to survey and design plans for this area.
  • “The collection policy of certified letters of accounts 60 days and more past due has been completed. We are receiving calls and some reasonable payment plans are being addressed. We are also receiving in some cases full payment at the past due amounts. Our new general manager will review the effect and address at a later date how we will address the next step.”
  • President Marie Touitou and the board thanked General Manager Layton Gillette for his two years’ service. This was his last board meeting as GM. “He’s done a remarkable job, done wonders for our park,” she said, followed by applause and a standing ovation. Gillette later said, “Thank you for the opportunity to serve this park, it’s been a pleasure.” New General Manager Jonathan Penrose, who has been training with Gillette and sat beside him at the meeting, takes over May 7, while Gillette will continue at least through May 30 as a consultant.
  • The board and audience discussed ways to increase voter turnout in the upcoming election. Last year’s annual election was voided because turnout was less than 25 percent even after a continuation meeting and a 30-day extension. Some directors emphasized that members need only return their signed ballots, there’s no need to vote if they don’t want to. That would help ensure a quorum is met.
  • A more detailed report from the meetings will appear in this Friday’s YLP Voice newsletter. Go to yloa.org/voicesignup and stay in touch!
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