Equestrian Center

About the Center

The Equestrian Center is a co-op horse boarding facility within Yosemite Lakes Park.

Monthly double and single stall rental are available. Contact YLOA for availability and pricing.

Arena use memberships for nonresidents are available on a limited basis. Stalls also are available.

The Equestrian Committee meets at 10 a.m. the second Friday of every month at the Equestrian Center.

Meet the new Equestrian Center barn manager

WHO: Bridget Balestra

BACKGROUND: Has lived in YLP with her husband, Anthony, and 3-year-old daughter, Brighton, for the past year and a half. "I was raised here; this is where I learned to ride." Her parents then moved to Raymond and after high school she moved to Fresno. She earned a bachelor's degree in criminology and a master's in public administration. After moving to YLP, she worked in the Coldwell Banker real estate office.

WHY IN YLP: "We wanted our daughter to be raised up here. He loved it up here, too, and we decided it would be a great place to raise her.....(also) I wanted something part time that I could stay home with my daughter (and) bring in some income for our household."

HER HORSES: “I have a 16-year-old Arabian mare. She's now my daughter's horse. I used to show her a lot. Then an Azteca gelding, half quarter horse, half Andalusian, then a 3- year-old Lusitano mare. I plan to do saddle seat and maybe some dressage with her.”

HER PLANS FOR THE CENTER: The center now is home to about 20 horses, with three double stalls and one single stall available. Plans are being made for a workday on Saturday, Oct. 14, and everyone is invited to help out, even if they don’t have horses. Other plans are in the works with details to come, and Bridget hopes to restart shows next year.

MESSAGE TO YLOA MEMBERS: “I want more people to be more aware of what we do and what the benefit it is and how it helps their home value….Even if they don't have a horse it really is a great place. Especially from my experience — This is where I learned to ride, so for me to come back here it's pretty neat and to see my daughter here riding, it's a great feeling.”