Revis Lane East trailhead to the North Dome Trail.

The Trails Committee is saddling horses and gassing up weed-wackers to get YLP’s trails in good shape for the season ahead.

And if plans go as scheduled, there will be some improvements, too.

YLOA has three trails — a circular trail around Blue Heron Lake that’s well used by daily walkers, a second trail through North Dome, and a third between Lilley Mountain and Long Hollow Drive.

Here’s what YLOA Director Denis Ciccarelli, chair of the Trails Committee, says is in store:

  • Arrangements are under way to have a regional group of horse owners ride through and clear trails.
  • Access will be improved to the trail north of Long Hollow Drive, with plans for a parking area off of Long Hollow east of Sequoia Court.
  • New signs to mark trail heads will be posted soon and new, accurate maps of the trails will be made and put on the Trails page.
  • Large hollowed out logs now used as planters on the golf course will be moved. Some will be used as planters in front of the Equestrian Center horse stalls, and others will be turned into benches at points along the trails.
  • Scouts and students have projects planned or under way for: a picnic area on the North Dome trail, workout stations, and a new Equestrian Center sign.
  • Volunteers are welcome to join in the work activities for trails maintenance and improvements. You can contact Denis Ciccarelli by going to QUESTION/COMMENTS FOR A BOARD MEMBER or attend the monthly Trails Committee meetings held at 6 p.m. the second Tuesdays in the Clubhouse.