Flushing your pipes

How to properly flush your pipes when water discoloration occurs

Should you encounter discolored water in your plumbing, PLEASE contact our office at 658-7451 or use the Emergency Cell Phone number 760-4349 if after hours to report the condition BEFORE attempting to flush your plumbing system.

DO NOT turn on any water in or around your home, unless instructed by a YSPUC staff member, as this may cause pipes to become filled with sediment.

When you are notified that it is OK to flush, start by turning on a hose outside of your home closest to the point where water enters your house plumbing.

Run the water until it becomes clear. If the water does not clear up within 10 minutes, discontinue running the water and please contact us immediately.

Once we notify you that additional flushing has been completed, please run your outside hose until the water runs clear.

Start at the COLD WATER FAUCET closest to the point of entry until the water runs clear. Continue this procedure at each COLD WATER FAUCET working towards the furthest point in your home.

NEVER run your hot water while it is discolored. However, if you were running the hot water when your water became discolored, you will need to drain your hot water heater as well.

The discoloration is from iron and manganese in the water, and it is suitable for watering plants, etc.

Please contact the office at 658-7451 to arrange for flushing credit.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. YSPUC continues to strive to supply its customers with the best water quality available.